Custom Trivia Shows!

Great for a birthday, staff activity, fundraiser or just to get the gang together, virtually.

Brighten someone’s day with a custom prerecorded quiz or a live-streamed game!

When you contact us, select your style of game (Seriously Trivia or Trivia Quickie), we’ll schedule a date that works for everyone, and your trivia game will be made available on our YouTube channel

Want to host a virtual trivia party with your friends? That’s cool: we can host live, or make sure the prerecorded video premieres on YouTube at a specific time, in sync for all of your guests to watch at once in their own homes while you join them through your preferred video chat!


1) Customizable Trivia “Quickies” (20 minutes): 10 regular questions and a 15 question speed round – $75*

You pick up to 5 topics, and we’ll prepare a video quiz show, including a message for that special person, hosted by Quizmaster François himself! 

If you request “Live Premiere” your prerecorded custom show will air at a specified time so you and your guests can watch it in sync without complications.

2) LIVE Seriously Trivia (40 minutes/round): Each round contains 8 categories of 3-5 questions, mixing puzzles and trivia. People can pick categories, share their score, and interact in the chat. Great for social committees and staff functions, as well as birthdays!

3) LIVE Trivia Tournament style (45-60 minutes/round): 8 rounds of 10 questions, spanning general knowledge, pictures, music and more. Popular with fundraisers and larger events, this style also allows for players to submit their answers for scoring by the host, allowing for an official ranking of players. (Also available in 4 rounds)

For Seriously Trivia and Tournament Style, book one round ($250) or two rounds ($350).*

*Payable through PayPal and E-transfer. Prices may vary.

All shows remain property of Mack Flash Entertainment and may be made available to the public on the Mack Flash YouTube channel. 

In custom shows, no personal information will be included in the quiz, except the person’s name.