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Whether you’re looking to record your own video or audio podcast, create a demo reel for an audition, or produce the next viral sensation, we are here to help! With our dual function control room, soundproof green screen studio, and versatile production studio, we not only produce our own content, but love to help others do the same. Come by and see for yourself!

"Put the emphasis on the creative"

"In 2006, I moved from Ottawa to Windsor-Essex to start a life with my girlfriend. With free time on my hands and a thirst for the stage, I decided to get into creating and hosting trivia nights. One venue became many, and within a few years you could play Mack Flash trivia in a dozen bars. In a radical move, I quit my day job as a public servant to pursue my passion: entertaining people. When the pandemic hit, I pivoted like many, and transitioned the business to an online model. Soon, I was hosting trivia online for hundreds of people at once, all the while sparking the creativity of others who created other Mack Flash games and podcasts. So when I was offered the opportunity to own a studio - one where I could fully express myself and also help others have their voice heard - I jumped at the chance.
Because as time has proven, I can do anything I set my mind to."
François Jacques

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With an existing online presence and more shows being produced and created regularly, we are looking for businesses who want to be on the ground floor of a new and exciting way to reach a different, vast audience, local and afar, using unique, alternative entertainment. Contact us today about our attractive advertising packages.

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Image Sources: Mack Flash Inc.