Turn a quiet night into a popular weekly tradition with live pub trivia nights, hosted virtually or in person, featuring a wide assortment of trivia questions, music, pictures, videos and more.


Hosted pub trivia, livestreamed into your bar via YouTube.

Hand out sheets

Print and hand out the provided PDF, and pens.


A private YouTube link is sent to you by email on trivia day.
Display it on your TVs.

play the game

Players get 3 rounds (about 90 mins) of live-hosted, real-time trivia, including questions, pictures, music, and more!

increase sales

Our affordable price makes it easy for bars and pubs to turn a profit.
ONLY $100 a week!


If you already have a host, or you are a Quizmaster, and you are looking for ready-made quality shows, we have hundreds of them.

access the

You will receive access to the Mack Flash Trivia Database, where you'll be able to pick from the newest weekly quizzes as well as a selection of past shows (including themes and more).

Hand out sheets

Print and hand out the provided answer sheets (PDF), and pens.

HOST the game

The game opens in any major web browser and can be displayed on your venue's TVs.
Players get 3 rounds (about 90 mins) of trivia hosted in person by a host of your choice.

GREAT value

Once again keeping the costs low to ensure a better return on your investment.
ONLY $75 a week!

Mack Flash Live in Your Venue

Fun and affordable weekly quiz nights hosted live in real-time.

It’s as simple as showing YouTube on the TVs in your venue, handing out answer sheets for players to write on (PDF provided), and clicking the provided link.

Our fun, energetic host (with nearly a decade experience) reads out the questions LIVE and in REAL-TIME (which also appear on screen), while players keep track of their answers on the sheet.

At the end of every round, the host reviews the answers with the players (which they mark themselves or trade with other teams to mark), and provides entertaining banter.

If you want to give out prizes, have people hand in their sheets, tabulate the rankings, and give away! That’s up to you!

All that for a fraction of the cost of digital trivia systems: only $100/week!

OR subscribe to receive access to our database of shows, which you can host at your leisure for an even lower price.