Available virtually or in-person!

Thank you for considering Mack Flash for your trivia event! Please use the following information and form in order to tell us more about your needs so we can get back to you asap with the information you need!

Here’s a breakdown of the option available to you, outlining:

STYLE”: there are various trivia game formats for you to play.

DURATION”: the typical length of an event (which can vary slightly depending on audience participation, raffles, etc.)

CONTENT”: the type of questions you’ll be seeing – music, pictures, word games, straight-up trivia, etc.

ANSWERS”: for virtual events, whether people are just PLAYING ALONG, writing down and marking their own answers at home, or SUBMITTING ANSWERS to us via a web application ( for official review and scoring.

COST”: The approximate price of the event. Customization of certain aspects of the quiz is possible but can affect the price.

The information below is for Virtual shows. Details remain the same, but DURATION and COST will vary for in-person events.


STYLE: “Traditional” – our take on what you would see at most pubs and fundraisers.

DURATION: 120 minutes (8 rounds, one break midway) or 60 minutes (4 rounds, no break).

CONTENT: Each round is 10 questions, including trivia, pictures, themed rounds, and music.

ANSWERS*: “Submit Answers” or “Play-Along”



  • IN-PERSON – $400 (120 minutes) or $300 (60 minutes)
  • VIRTUAL – $350 (120 minutes) or $275 (60 minutes).

*NOTE: Traditional Style is the best option if you want players to submit their answers in order to declare an official winner at the end.


STYLE: “Mack Flash Trivia”: The Original Mack Flash Trivia Experience.

DURATION: 90 minutes (3 rounds, 2 breaks)

CONTENT: Each round is 10 questions + a 15-question speed round (pictures, music, etc.)

ANSWERS: “Play-along” or “Submit Answers”



  • VIRTUAL – $300
  • IN-PERSON – $350


STYLE: “Seriously Trivia”: Part-Game Show, Part-Trivia

DURATION: 90-105 minutes (2 rounds, 1 break)

CONTENT: Each round consists of 8 categories of 3 questions, mixing trivia, puzzles, and word games – something for everyone! 

ANSWERS: “Play-along” only


  • VIRTUAL – $350
  • IN-PERSON – $400

Book a Trivia Show

Intended or approximate date of event.
Refer to the descriptions at the top of the page.
Please give details about the type of event (fundraiser, birthday party, corporate event) and how you'd like trivia included.


How do the virtual shows work?

Mack Flash operates via YouTube for virtual shows. A private, unlisted link is prepared, which you can share with your participants. They can use that link to watch the live quiz show on whatever device they decide (Smart TV, computer, laptop, their smartphone, etc.)

Is there a maximum number of players?

The is no limit to how many people can play. BUT there can be a surcharge if you have over 100 players using the “submit your answers” format because the host will need assistance marking (or else the event will take a really long time).

Can people talk to each other during virtual shows?

YES! Not only are you encouraged to form virtual teams using your preferred video conference application (Zoom, Messenger, Teams, etc.) there is also a Live Chat in YouTube which allows everyone to interact. This is recommended for the full experience (just don’t write your answers in the chat!)

What do you mean by "Play-along" trivia?

“Play-along” Trivia is a term for games where players simply write down their answers at home. When the correct answers are revealed at the end of the round, players mark their own answer sheets and share their score with everyone in the chat, should they want to. Call it the “honour system” method of playing. This is preferable when there are no “performance prizes” (i.e. for the winning teams) but works great with “door prizes” (i.e. randomly drawn).

In the "Submit Answers" option, how do players submit answers?

Mack Flash uses as a method to collect and mark answers. One player per team, on a secondary device (e.g. smartphone, laptop, etc.) logs in, enters a team name, and submits answers when prompted. Their answers are reviewed after each round, and ongoing scores are shown on their device as well as announced by the host throughout the game.

Can we do raffles/door prizes and/or prizes for the winners?

Most definitely! Arrangements need to be made in advance to provide the necessary information (e.g. list of prizes, list of participants, predetermined list of prize winners, etc.) but we can even pull up a wheel on screen with everyone’s names to do random draws!